Monday, July 02, 2012

Teamviewer duplicate IDs

We use Teamviewer all the time for support, however we were rather stumped when two of our machines had the same ID.  That made remoting onto one from the other rather tricky.

We are not the only ones to have had problems and here is a discussion giving suggestions on how to resolve this issue.

Embedding a SWF into Sharepoint

I though this would have been easy, however Sharepoint strips out the HTML as a potential security threat.  I ended up useing a web content page link to an external hosted site, however here is a different way to achieve the same thing

Working with Large Lists in SharePoint 2010 - List Throttling

Sharepoint 2010 gives a warning when your list items get near 5000, however the limit for items is 30million.

Here is a good article explaining what its all about and how you can assist sharepoint with List Thresholds....